Keep the Stoke is a trademarked positive lifestyle brand established in early 2013. The idea was derived by a passion to inspire others through positive adventure. The goal is to make Keep the Stoke more than just another trending name on the shelf and establish the motto as an alternative way of living life.

The mission of our brand is to connect people from every continent, creed and color through our logo and motto, allowing them to share stories, plan adventures and most of all show the contagious effects of positive thinking.

Keep the Stoke is aimed to provide stoke keepers with unique and premium thread clothing with messages that inspire others to do the same. Our garments at Keep the Stoke are not meant for a single fashion season, rather threads that stay relevant for a lifetime.

We pride our motto on being ambassadors for the greater good. As we continue to grow we are excited for more opportunities to show others how to keep the stoke.

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